SenseMax SenseTube

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Sense Max's vibrating VR masturbator SenseTube is equipped with the latest motion sensing technology, enhancing your virtual reality experience and allowing you to play an active role in the erotic theater of your mind.

SenseTube is a technologically enhanced male vibrator that goes beyond traditional sexual intimacy products. 

It is compatible with SenseMax's Sense VR Ecosystem, meaning that you can interactively synchronise your SenseTube with the FREE virtual reality app for customisable adult content and Sense VR headset to stimulate physical intimacy.

Completely Customisable

Strong grip or soft strokes? You choose!

Thanks to its realistically stretchy sleeve and the soft shell that surrounds it, SenseTube has the perfect tactile responsiveness. 

Shift gears and choose between 5 different vibrating modes with speeds and pulses for that perfect stimulation.

Comes in white or black

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